Saturday, 22 October 2011

First handmade item

My daughter is learning to knit. This is the first thing she has ever knitted.And the first handmade item to be made in Handmade Happiness. She made them over two days in the shop for a friend's newborn baby boy. They aren't perfect but they are cute. The wool is mine but I have now ordered some baby soft alpaca yarn for the shop.

Each day brings fresh surprises some good, some not so good. It was good to meet Catherine who makes noticeboards in Haslemere and Carole who stitches quilts in Emsworth. It was good to get the phone connected yesterday. Not so pleasing that the credit card machine failed to materialise and I had wanted it for the shop's busiest day, today Saturday. Ho hum but I am looking forward to meeting friend Kate tonight at the new Carluccio's in Chichester. Regular readers will know that Carluccio's is my most favourite occasional treat destination!
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