Thursday, 20 October 2011

Favourite necklaces

I always like best the thing I've most recently made. And I love these necklaces of soft velvet.

Yesterday was a day of conversations in the shop. A lovely lady who makes quilts and hangings. Hannah, with her painted boots who knits fun hats and I hope will come back soon with her creations; Michelle and Bob who were full of ideas for extra stock. Michelle's going to invent some patterns for the single skeins of handspun yarn in answer to all the people who say, 'What will it knit?' I worked at a cushion, knit one side and crochet the other that is taking longer than I thought to piece together.

We re-arranged furniture and displays - this happens on a daily basis to make the most of what we've got. And I think gradually it's looking better and better. You be the judge. Come and visit Handmade Happiness. It's open every day 10-5 except Sundays.
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