Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Spot the mistake!

Saw this on the clean painted white wall of a shop in Petersfield.
 Is Jim Morrison of the Doors still a hero?
 Whoever makes these stencils should sort out their grammar. I bet the next time I see this grafitti someone has been unable to resist making right that punctuation mark!
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Anonymous said...

I think there was a semi colon in the original not a colon. I'm so useless with punctuation that I tend to ignore it. I do like the sentiment of the quote despite the mistake.
I should be darning a Navaho rug for the shop I do repairs for, but I haven't the right colour wool so am going to bathe the flea ridden dog instead.
Much love - Hazelxx

jenny said...

Hi Hazel. I want to see the Navaho rug. Love the sound of your job. I really hope you start a blog one day. It would be so interesting!x