Friday, 26 March 2010

Thoughts on the Country Living magazine Show

         There's nothing like a good look round at the Country living magazine's London show. So much to see. Much of it similar. I'm over the dusty 'vintage' look personally. But when something different catches your eye it's really exciting.
 I recommend you go to Rachel David's site and look at her fabulous clothes. She's taken old clothes apart and re-assembled them in a cool fashion way. A tweed jacket torso with one thick damask sleeve and one floral  sleeve, ruffles of Liberty round the wrist, buttons all different. Coats with large bands of knitting incorporated. Everything a one-off sewn by Rachel herself. I watched a mother and daughter try things on. The clothes are not for shrinking violets but they feel 'now'. Re-cycling at its best!
I also liked the rich sea greens of Cups, bowls and plates in singing, even shouting colours!
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