Sunday, 12 July 2009

Thinking time

This statue is in Southampton. Look at the child being a continuation of the mother's body form. And the strength in the mother's torso. Why do I think it's of a mother? The statue could equally well be of a father and his child. It's simple, direct and pleasing. Simple things are pleasing. So why does life seem so complicated at times? Perhaps life is always simple but we over-complicate situations by thinking too much about them! I am thinking a lot at the moment. These are hard economic times and people are being forced to make changes in their lives. How are you surviving the recession and have you had to change the way you live your life?
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Anonymous said...

A friend sent me this comment on the statue by email:
'I think it's of a mother who is so desperate that the summer holidays have been so wet that she is throwing the child out into the park - 'GET OUT OF MY HAIR'she is saying!