Monday, 20 July 2009

Green risotto

A supper from the garden for my daughter Sophie and I. Homemade mushroom and onion risotto with this lot steamed then stirred in. Lettuce not steamed of course, lettuce just on the side. Pictured on the plate from top clockwise are sprouting broccolli, broad beans, runner beans, more broad beans and lettuce.

After talking to a friend about life in recession-hit Britain and what we can do about it, we had the idea of selling produce we have grown alongside products we have made. So if there are any vegetables or flowers left in the garden by next weekend you'll see them on my stand in Bakery Lane, Petersfield this Saturday, July 25th!
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Anonymous said...

j'adore ton blog et tout ce que tu fais, tes photos, tes objets, tes tout l'amour de la vie qu'ils m'inspirent.
je sens une sorte de poésie dans tout cela et je crois que tu es vraiment une sorcière, une vraie, une bonne