Saturday, 25 July 2009

Bakery Lane market take two

Today was quiet in Bakery Lane, Petersfield. Perhaps everyone had gone to the beach. This is my display. The flowers and veg are from my garden picked early this morning. The textile jewellery is sold by Tricot Too. Anyone who expresses an interest in it is directed there. The morning was so slow that if it hadn't been for Jenny selling silver plated cutlery made into jewellery moving her stall closer to mine so we could chat I think I would have gone mad. Luckily I made some sales in the afternoon. Few stall holders were there today but I guess that in the Christmas run up that little alleyway will be packed full of hopeful sellers.
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Chrissie Burgess said...

What a very colourful stall! It is so pretty, especially with the sweet peas. I'm sorry that it was a bit slow but if it's a regular event I am sure people will remember you. Luckily it was a lovely sunny day to show off your wares to their best advantage.