Thursday, 3 May 2018

In the shop now

Potter Justine Jenner's 'beakers' 
Textile artist Kerry Lucas' knitted bears aka craftykestrel
Artist Sheila Barrow's painted and stitched landscape

Handmade Happiness has so many good things to admire and to buy.

If I have any talent it is for selecting  the best art and craft I can find. Many years ago I had an agent and some of my best orders were achieved through her. I think I would be a good agent. But I am an agent just for my lovely shop.

Looking back at some of my earliest blog posts the blog was all about me and what I was making and who it was for. Now the blog is about other peoples' work and promoting the shop. So like it or not I've turned from being a maker into being an agent! I hope that over the course of this year through frequent blog posts you'll see me making more while at the same time continuing to draw your attention to other makers of good things.

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