Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Just Dreaming of Amersham old town

Saw this in Amersham old town ... 

And this shop offers living accomodation and a freehold shop

The houses are all listed and centuries old

A perfect front door

In the museum the floor was a map Amersham old town

The cafe where we had lunch

This house is for sale!
On Monday I went to see my daughter in Tring and she drove us to Amersham old town for the day. And I fell in love with the place.

 It is picture perfect, like a period film set. Along the High Street every building is centuries old and yet perfectly preserved. I was shocked by how attractive it is.

 Set in the Chilterns there are rolling hills all around and yet, I was told that it's on the end of a tube line so only 35 minutes to Marylebone. An hour to the city and central London so it's commuter belt and, because of this prices are higher than I hoped!

My daughter and I had a delicious toasted goats cheese and red pepper sandwich followed by a Moroccan orange piece of cake at The Grocer, pictured above. I imagine going there a lot!

There was just one charity shop where I was thrilled to pick up a lapis lazuli necklace for just £1. A smart interior design shop where I mistook pieces of patterned paper for gift wrap and they were actually wallpaper - sold in metre lengths and, nearby, probably the best toy shop I've ever come across.

I imagined that a shop like Handmade Happiness would be very successful in a town like I thought I'd just find out how much a house like the one above and the freehold shop with living accomodation would cost...

I am naive sometimes. I day dream a lot. But this dream dies here and now. The house is 850,000 and the freehold shop in a house is 995,000.

However, all is not lost. I am newly inspired to make the very best of my Handmade Happiness shop here in Petersfield, a town that, until very recently, I really believed was the best place to live in the country!! 

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jenny said...

In case you are wondering, the toy shop is called Ring O' Roses and the interior design shop is Su Chases.