Sunday, 29 April 2018

Bear candles and partying guinea pigs!

Pure beeswax candles made by Elizabeth Eveleigh. Birthday cakes, hives and my favourite bears!
Sue Inglis designs and makes these guiinea pigs and mice in their party hats! Great b'day present!
Glen Welstead made this colourful rag rug. 

Every time someone visits Handmade Happiness for the first time I appreciate all the unusual, beautiful gifts it offers to customers. It really is a special place with a unique selection of gifts that everyone seems to appreciate.

I've been looking back over nearly 10 years of blog writing. I used to make all the time and now I squeeze in making with the paperwork and chatting involved in managing a shop. I want to make more things and perhaps adapt some of my older designs for the shop now. And with so much buying online now I need to sell online as well as in the shop...

By the way the rag rug sold a while ago. I just wanted to share it as another example of great craftmanship!

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