Friday, 1 September 2017

Inside Handmade Happiness

Love this giant cup and saucer made by Justine Jenner. Seen with Pam Dew's quilt.
Clever embroiderer Ann Hutchins made these butterflies for a local exhibition
Justine Jenner's grey pots in Handmade Happiness.
I knitted this alpaca cardigan for my grandson born on Sunday August 27th.
Carol Smith has just made these colourful cacti badges. 9-50 each

Apologies for not having blogged for so long. I'm now back and thinking about Christmas, when Handmade Happiness makes most of its money!!

I hope makers are  storing box loads of beautiful things to keep the shop well supplied!! It's hard to think about Christmas when the sun is shining brightly but I noticed when I went to Chichester recently that the charity shops already have Christmas cards on display!!  I reckon August is far too early but by the end of this month, September, I hope to have lots of gift ideas and maybe even a few Christmas decorations available in the shop.

Now is the time to think about handmade gifts and handmade cards if you want to make things yourself this year. A gift made with love while you are thinking about the person you are making it for is so well received! If you haven't got time to make things the next best thing is to find beautiful things that someone else has made. First stop - Handmade Happiness in Petersfield!!

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