Wednesday, 17 May 2017

What I liked at Pulse

Love these ceramic buttons handmade in Cornwall, ordered today 
Meri Meri's confetti balloons
Studio Kimono's patchwork bags made from vintage kimonos.
Handmade buttons by Stockwell Ceramics for sale in Handmade Happiness now.

Globe Home gift wrap paper.

Monday saw me at the Pulse trade fair at Kensington Olympia. So much to see, most of it off-limits for me. Handmade Happiness only stocks items made from scratch in the UK and most of its stock is made locally in and around Petersfield.

I am looking forward to stocking ceramic buttons like the ones pictured. I was tempted by the pretty hats handmade by Gil Fox and I'm also thinking about handmade dog collars and leads which I think would sell well locally.

Some companies with large minimum orders and long waiting times, like the girls who told me there was a £400 minimum order and nothing would be released before October dampened initial interest but other companies were friendly and accomodating. I fell for some delicate lights like dandelions which I look forward to having in the shop in the run up to Christmas this year. 

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Taylor Two said...

Love the Globe Wrap paper, simply decadent! Very pretty.