Wednesday, 18 January 2017

New for Handmade Happiness

Jewellery by Annie Sherburne - brooches, earrings and hair clips
Annie Sherburne's jewellery - earrings, brooches and heart pendant.
Gold embossed image on writing paper bought long ago in France.
On Monday I visited Top Drawer partly because I knew Annie Sherburne was going to be there (see above) and partly because I wanted to see what is currently being offered to shops across the country. 

There is a large craft section upstairs at Olympia but for once, I also checked out everything downstairs as well. I noticed more glitter and metallics. Maybe it's just my magpie instincts but glittery cards seem to be having a moment. 

I am interested in gold embossed images and writing on card fronts and a couple of stands reminded me of a little shop in Paris, many years ago where the owner had machines in a back room to stamp out gold images ( as pictured above) which he sold on notecards and writing paper etc. in the front of the shop. Gold raised lettering looks so smart on a plain card and does this.

Look out for the new jewellery made by Annie Sherburne in Handmade Happiness. I think people may like it as Valentine's Day presents. And it's just right for magpies!

The new Textile Group will now start in HH on Thursday January 26th. I've told one or two  people this coming Thursday (19th) but I now have a doctor's appointment that lunchtime which will be a problem for a 2pm start time. So officially 2pm to 4pm on January 26th. If you come on Thursday afternoon we can have a nice chat anyway!

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Brenda Tilbury said...

The magpie in me has been awakened! Definitely see you on the 26th xxxx