Sunday, 15 January 2017

What is your 'craft discipline'?

Colourful sari silk
Layered piece skirts at the Knitting and Stiching show
Exotic ribbons and trims
Gorgeous painterly fabric photographed in Paris
Dainty embellished shoes by Alberta Ferretti seen in Paris
How did they do this? Pictured in a Paris shop window.
 I've just been asked what my 'craft discipline' is and I realise that my approach to craft is not 'disciplined'.

I always wonder how craftsmen and women can stick to making just one thing year after year.They have an idea and they develop it and then they stick at making that same thing and they become really good at it so they keep producing it. Don't they get bored? Or is this where the 'discipline' bit comes in. They discipline themselves to stick with it until hopefully, they are recognised for their ability in that area and get financially rewarded.

For me, one idea leads swiftly to another idea and I like to experiment with a whole range of 'craft disciplines' in a most undisciplined way. I see this as being creative. The imagination quick fires lots of ideas triggered by just one thing. For example all the things pictured above are good 'triggers' for me. But is the end result - a piece of jewellery maybe or a doll produced by someone who is a 'craftsperson' or someone who is creative? Or are they one and the same thing?

I recognise creativity in others and see it as an ability to follow one's own path and not be swayed by what other people are doing or what they might see on Pinterest. They make things from their own imagination and experiment until they are satisfied. It's a creative process.. but are creative people only happy when they keep 're-inventing the wheel'. Are they unable to settle down and explore just one craft discipline? Or is it just the word 'discipline' that I'm uncomfortable with?


lindsey said...

As you know Jenny, I started out a good few years ago with my narrowboat art. I got bored with this & progressed onto my blue/white design & from there I designed a farmyard collection. Then 6 years ago, I can't believe it's that long, I found my real love, in my handmade bears. I will never give up the painting, but for now it is bears.
I think we all need change now & again & no matter how good you get at something, if not boredom, staleness, is there such a word?, must set in!!!

Brenda Tilbury said...

I couldn't imagine just making one thing.....and I have no discipline! Xxx