Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016 in more pictures

Brenda Tilbury (Queen of Wreaths) made this to celebrate Valentine's Day
Notebook cover by Carol Smith
Niloo's pure white porcelain bowls on wood stand.
Collage Easter card by Jenny Stacy
Family wedding, so paper flowers to make
One of  Sheila Barrow's  exquisite little pictures 
Tanya Williamson's popular cushions
Award yourself a medal - made by Jenny Stacy
Justine Jenner's ceramics appeal to customers
Lovely traditional style bears hand sewn by Lindsey Agostinelli
 Happy New Year!!
I have a strong feeling that 2017 will be a particularly good year. I always feel optimistic and upbeat on January 1st. The new year holds such promise and such potential, giving everyone an opportunity to reflect on the past and to try to improve the present and the future.
This blog is 8 years old and attracting more readers than ever before and recently I've enjoyed puting more photos on Instagram.


jenny said...

Someone told me their comment was not publishing. After testing, it seems that blogger is only publishing comments from 'Google account holders'. Hoping it's just a temporary malfunction as I always recommend people click on Anonymous to publish a comment. That way they can say who they are in the comment box. Happy New Year anyway would-be commenters!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Dear Jenny
with love Hazel

jenny said...

Thank you Hazel and a very Happy, healthy New Year to you too.X

Brenda Tilbury said...

Happy New Year Jenny. Another exciting and creative one ahead for all of us I hope! Xxxx

jenny said...

I am absolutely sure of it Brenda! Happy New Year to you too.X