Thursday, 29 December 2016

Bright thoughts on a misty morning

Low mist over Petersfield Lake. Picture taken yesterday at lunchtime.
One of my New Year's Resolutions is to aim for 10,000 steps a day ie. to fit in more excercise. So yesterday I walked round Petersfield Lake and I aim to do that every day. Just walking in the fresh air is uplifting.

This is one of my favourite times of the year. In spite of the cold and damp, everyone gets the chance of a fresh start as the page of one year is turned onto the page of a new year. 

Although I'm not opening the shop again until Saturday January 7th I'll be popping in and out and if you want to visit before then just text or email me and we'll arrange it.

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Brenda Tilbury said...

That is a beautiful photo Jenny. This morning was just as lovely with the misty heavy frost on the trees....Your new phone will count your steps for you! Xx