Tuesday, 13 December 2016

All these things cost between £5 and £10

Baby bootees by Patricia £9.50; Fairy by Jenny £9.50 and lavender bag by Brenda Tilbury £4.95
Three felt brooches made by Karen Boller £9.50 each
Doll's dress £6 and matching pants £6 made by Lindy Groom
Trousers for teddy made by Lindy Groom £6
Vases and porcelain small bowl all made by Niloo £9.50 each
Using old fabrics, tree by Sarah Pinney £9.50 and lavender filled heart by Jenny £6.50
Just a few of the things you can buy at Handmade Happiness this Christmas for under £10. There are also cats, mice, penguins, and sheep in Santa hats made by Sue Inglis and all the things featured in the previous post. 

Next time I'll show you what Handmade Happiness has for a budget of between £10 and £20. A lot, is the answer to that!

I have recently caved in to family pressure and upgraded my phone. I can now do Instagram which seems like fun. I'll add a link to the blog when I've put on some photos.

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