Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The unbelievable truth

A pretty picture of my kitchen windowsill to take your mind off the news
Today was like waking up to the news that we'd voted ourselves out of Europe.Unbelievable.

 Except today's news was even worse. Today we woke up to the news that the most powerful man in the world is now ... Donald Trump... Shock horror! I was so sure that Hilary Clinton would be the next president. The BBC seemed so sure that Hilary would win and that perhaps lulled us into a false sense of security. 

I know we should try and remain positive but I'm finding it hard to see a silver lining to this particular black cloud. I felt restless all day at work as I'm sure many of you did. What can we do? Can life carry on as normal? What changes will we see in the coming days? 


Brenda Tilbury said...

Jenny, your beautiful blue windowsill is a reminder that whatever life and politics throw at us there is hope! Xxx

jenny said...

Well put Brenda...x