Saturday, 26 November 2016

Follow the Star!

Hanging above Handmade Happiness is this large star made by Brenda Tilbury
I am really grateful that Brenda, also known as  'Queen of Wreaths', found Handmade Happiness and likes it enough to allow it to stock her lovely decorations and cards.

Now let's talk about prices.

 I am well aware that some people don't set foot in Handmade Happiness because they assume it is an expensive shop. Well - newsflash - it really isn't!

A customer yesterday managed to find quite a few things to help fill an advent calendar. Cards start at £1.95 for a handmade card, hand-printed gift wrap is the same price and tree decorations are from £2 each. Most items in the shop cost less than £10. 

I have just been looking at the website of a London shop which sells individual, handmade Christmas decorations for nearly £300 each.

 People like individual and they like handmade, as long as the quality is there. Handmade Happiness offers quality at lower prices to people who are sure enough of their own taste not to need the reassurance of a hefty price tag.

 I could put all the prices up enormously but Petersfield is not London and having the reputation of being an expensive shop would then be fully justified. But right now it really isn't!

Next week I'll put photographs on the blog of the choice of cards, decorations and gifts Handmade Happiness offers in various price brackets. In these days of austerity most of us have a price ceiling beyond which we will not, or cannot go when buying for Christmas. Enjoy your weekend!

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