Sunday, 6 November 2016

New paintings by Christine Burgess

Christine Burgess just delivered these paintings to Handmade Happiness.
She has a rare talent and this is an opportunity to buy one of her originals before everyone else catches on and the (modest) prices soar!

Please note I'm changing the shop's opening hours. Having experimented for two weeks with an earlier opening time and found no increase in trade I'm compromising and from now until Christmas these will be the new opening hours:
             Tuesday       9.30am   to  12.30pm
             Wednesday  9.30am  to  4.30pm
             Thursday      9.30am   to  4.30pm
             Friday          9.30am   to  4.30pm
             Saturday      9.30am   to  4.30pm 

In practice I never seem to get away at closing time so if you see me in the shop, come in, the shop is still open!!

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