Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Fairy lights and more decorations

The window today
Looking in to the window today
Smaller embroidered silk and ribbon Christmas decorations made by Bee Mellor
Week by week Handmade Happiness is looking more Christmassy.

 Today fairy lights went up. Soon, thanks to Brenda Tilbury, there will be an evergreen Christmas star hanging from the flagpole.

 It's busier, as customers, some clutching Christmas lists, search for the perfect gift for members of their families.

 Today I was given a bag of special fabrics for us to make with, Lindy Groom came in with more dolls' clothes and a Petersfield jewellery maker showed me the cufflinks, earrings and necklaces she makes in colour on silver which, hopefully will be in the shop before the end of the week.

Another maker, new to Handmade Happiness, is supplying the very special fairies, quilted Christmas trees and bear decorations she sews also at the end of this week.

 So lots of pictures of new things in Handmade Happiness are in the pipeline, although sometimes things get bought before they can be photographed. My 'Good as Gold' wish book is filling up (see previous post) and how often do I hear people say, 'I would love to buy these things for myself but I mustn't, I must buy things for other people!'

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