Friday, 18 November 2016

New items by blacksmith Michael Stanton

Michael Stanton's Chestnut Roaster on rag rug by Ruth Ellacott
Michael Stanton's Boot Jack on rag rug by Ruth Ellacott
Companion set of poker and shovel by blacksmith Michael Stanton
Blacksmith Michael Stanton, who works under the name of Fraught Wrought, visited Handmade Happiness this week with these fine examples of his craft.

If I had a log fire I would love to roast chestnuts, or even (?) potatoes using his roaster or it would look great just hanging up in an old cottage.

I remember when every home had a companion set like the one above next to the fireplace. (By the way it hangs beautifully parallel, I've just put it on a sloping chair to photograph it.)

I have often struggled to remove wellies after being in the garden but this boot jack would help. Just thinking what a great man present it would be... 

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