Thursday, 17 November 2016

How are things with you?

Brenda Tilbury stripped down last year's tree and painted it white for the shop window
Pleased to find 'Victorian' tiles at Topps tiles
Unsettled. What with Brexit and the American election and Syria - does the future seem unsettled to you? I've long ago learned not to spend too long listening to the Today programme on Radio 4 because of its depressing effect. News headlines yes but news analysis no. 

It's quieter in the shop than it was at the same time last year and I'm assuming this is because people don't want to be tempted into spending money before they absolutely have to. Visitors love Handmade Happiness and I have to believe they'll return to Christmas shop soon!!

Meanwhile I am thinking of making a few changes to my house. Last Sunday I visited Ikea - we actually walked nearly 2 miles around that shop - I know because my son in law recorded our steps. (The one at Wembley.) I'd like a shiny white kitchen like the one in my last house and Ikea certainly represents value for money.

Then I went to Topps tiles for the first time.(Waterlooville one.) Such nice tiles and so many choices. I'd like marble-look-alike and they had some ceramic ones that seem just right.

Yesterday a blacksmith came in to Handmade Happiness with things he has made. Really nice wrought iron boot jack, chestnut roaster and companion set (poker and spade on a stand). I'll take pictures today and tell you more tomorrow.
Brenda Tilbury, who created the white tree pictured above, has delivered 5 beautiful wreaths she has made. Again, pictures tomorrow.

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Brenda Tilbury said...

Jenny, don't worry too much about the awful world when there is nothing we can do.....What we CAN do is brighten someone's day. Put the sparkle in your shop and gladden some other worried hearts xxxxx