Saturday, 15 October 2016

Shop - You Are 5 Today!

In the week it opened the shop only had 5 makers' work
Hard to believe the shop ever looked like this!
To start with the space under the stairs was for a cup of tea with a book!
5 years ago there were noticeboards of inspiration!
I used to paint these little wooden badges.
Before Handmade Happiness the shop was this shade of green. We painted everything white

Five years ago today - October 15th 2011 Handmade Happiness opened for the first time. The blog (8 years old) became the shop. My daughter Amy helped me set it up. There were just 5 makers including myself.

For many years I had a dream. I often looked at empty shop premises in Chichester where I lived but everything was too expensive, Then I moved to Petersfield and suddenly the dream could become a reality - if I was brave enough.

As Tricot Too closed - where Duet clothes shop is now- this shop became available. I had worked for Tricot Too and made many items to sell there so it all seemed logical.I opened my own shop just across the road.

I wanted to sell things to make with and things already made to a high standard. La Droguerie in Paris was my inspiration.

Now Handmade Happiness is an outlet for 45 makers. It is full of good gifts and should do well in the run up to Christmas. I am proud of the shop. People love it!


lindsey said...

Happy birthday Handmade Happiness & well done to you Jenny for realizing your dream. So proud to be one of your 45.

vertigo said...

Happy 5th Birthday Homemade Happiness and well done Jenny

Brenda Tilbury said...

Happy Birthday dear shop! I love the under stairs cafe for one! Here's to the next 5 years....xxxxx

jenny said...

Thank you for leaving a comment today. Comments are sooo appreciated. Always the first thing I look for when I log in. X

molebags said...

Happy birthday Handmade Happiness! I LOVE the under stairs 'cafe' and the inspiration boards! carol x

jenny said...

Thanks Carol. Looking forward to seeing you in the shop again.x

Kate Box said...

Wasn't it different when it first started?! Just for your info, your FB post directed me to this post, which proves it has got you a reader when I might not have looked tonight! Great you are going back to that again! As Lindsey said, I'm also very proud to be one of your 45! K X

jenny said...

Thanks Kate. I'd like to re-open the cafe under the stairs! And to have an inspirational noticeboard again. Actually the board could be under the stairs! Definitely going to have a Textile Group meeting in HH during 2017. The shop evolves. X

Anonymous said...

Jenny ...what a fantastic achievement! You have done so well. Especially through all the recession and keeping the shop going.Bee.

Crafting for Fun said...

Hi Jenny. Been following your blog for a while now - are you still looking for makers? I produce a variety of crocheted items, currently working on pretty autumn scarves and gloves, but also hats, blankets and other items all made with beautiful yarns. Would be interested in selling in your shop if you can accommodate another maker.

jenny said...

Hi Frances,
I'd love to see what you make.Can you bring examples to the shop during opening hours? The shop is open Tuesday 9.30am to 12.30am; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday all 9.30 to 4.30pm. Thanks.