Sunday, 23 October 2016

Facebook and new opening hours

Jacqui Watkins lino-cut cards available in Handmade Happiness 2.50 each
 Love these lino cut cards by Jacqui Watkins at Linen Prints.  There are lots of designs to choose from in Handmade Happiness, including Christmas cards.

Please note I'm trying out new opening hours from now on. Opening an hour earlier - 9am and closing an hour earlier 4pm as listed on the right.

Battling with Facebook at the moment. Everyone tells me I have to have a Facebook page for HH and I am making one. 

Actually my daughter set me up with a Handmade Happiness page linked to her years ago and I tend to forget it exists. Just now I posted on it and Facebook provided the post with lots of pictures taken from the blog (helpful) which I can't see how to caption with a credit. (not helpful). 

I feel very strongly that any photo of someone's work must be attributed to them so Help! How do I edit uninvited photos?

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