Friday, 28 October 2016


Flowers from the garden in May
In May there are also peonies
Hollyhocks growing against a wall in Sheet village
Capturing colour on a noticeboard
At this time of year I long for flowers. Not the carnations or alstromeria the supermarkets are serving up in late October but fresh garden flowers. Is it possible to have flowers in the house all year round with careful garden planning. I expect cut flower specialist Sarah Raven would say 'Yes.'

Years ago I worked for Marks and Spencer and once flowers were on their sell by date staff were allowed to buy them for just £1.One of the perks of that job was to always have flowers in the house. 

 Flowers literally seem to bring a room (or a shop) to life and when we can't get the real thing we get even more satisfaction from brightly coloured objects. Witness the way customers stare at Pam Dew's quilts of saturated colour - red, orange,purple,lime. The colours are exhuberant and just right to cheer up these colder greyer days.

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