Saturday, 1 October 2016

Sheila Barrow's new pictures

Sheila Barrow's embroidery on painted fabric.
'Cockling' by Sheila Barrow
Mussel shells on rag paper by Sheila Barrow
Small picture of the South Downs by Sheila Barrow SOLD
Another of Sheila Barrow's small landscapes. SOLD
I'm very pleased to report that Sheila Barrow delivered a large selection of her work to Handmade Happiness this week. Sheila's exquisitely made pictures are always popular. I love her landscapes - usually showing the South Downs and her little pictures at £29 each make very affordable presents.

I've also had a delivery of lots more dolls' clothes made by Lindy Groom and some beautifully made Christmas decorations by Jill Haines - more about that later...

Can you believe that this blog was 8 years old on September 22nd. I completely forgot to celebrate!!

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