Monday, 31 October 2016

Playing and sewing

A fairy for the top of the tree by Jenny Stacy
Today I was a dinosaur, a horse and a slug. On my day off I love to play with my two year old grandaughter. We went to the park with her mummy and seven month old sister and today we met my son and other daughter too. It was blissful! Lunch at Franca Manca which honestly has the best pizzas and you know I'm not paid to say these things.

The fairy with her stiff net skirts was inspired by seeing a white voile embroidered tablecloth in a charity shop. I knew it would be right for fairy dresses and the cloth's hem gives the skirt a bit more heft.


Brenda Tilbury said...

Hi Jenny, all the way from holiday.....can't stop looking at your lovely creations and those of your creators! Brenda x

molebags said...

A horse, a dinosaur and a slug- what a strange selection!

jenny said...

My grandaughter suggests the games we play, not me!!