Thursday, 13 October 2016

Textile packages

Inside the parcel - Bag One of colourful, luxury fabrics
Inside the parcel - Bag Two
I sent a flat package of textile bits including sheets of needlefelting to my friend in Australia. It took four and a half weeks to reach her.  When she sends me a package from Australia it only take half that time. I don't know why...

When I was in Paris we wished the fabric shops did packs of bits like this. Just scraps of lots of fabrics you could enjoy making with. Clear packs of unusual, luxe bits look so inviting, even if all you ever do is stare at them in the bag!!

I intend to assemble some bags like this for Handmade Happiness customers to buy. I'll post pictures when they're ready to sell.


Anonymous said...

I'll buy one! Probably two xx Anna

jenny said...

Thanks Anna! Watch this space. x