Tuesday, 30 August 2016

A few of my favourite things...

Caspari tissue paper, Stickles drawing glitter and sparkling ribbon
I had two £10 vouchers to spend at the local art shop and this is what I bought. I love a bit of glitter, especially at Christmas and right now I'm planning for Christmas at Handmade Happiness. I also love a bit of gold, as seen in Klimt's paintings and touches of copper, those ornate gold framed portraits or mirrors and iridescence like on a dragonfly's wings or in the colours of an oily puddle.

And I love velvet. Today I saw velvet scarves in clear orange, shocking pink or lime green but best of all I liked the palest pink velvet scarf (in Duet for local readers). I love the idea of a big, puffy velvet settee. Velvet cushions are a delicious touch of luxury too. Just a small piece of velvet is a great contrast to matt fabrics in a mixed media piece or a textile brooch.

Right now I'm enjoying Galia melons, though they've got to smell when you pick them up otherwise they're not sweet enough. Avocados, chocolate, raspberries. I could definitely live off those four foods. How about you ?

I like paintings of rolling hills and clouds and sea glass and raku pots in intense purples and anything with roses on it - fabric, china and best of all real David Austin roses with their strong fragrance and generous flower heads.
Delphiniums. sweet peas and peonies and photos of my baby grandchildren.

Writing this blog is another of my favourite things and I could put off housework indefinitely by writing instead!  And I love being in the shop especially when customers are fascinating people and we have such good conversations.My television broke on Friday so now I'll have more time for writing and reading and using the things in the picture for making Christmas gifts.


molebags said...

hi Jenny, I reckon the broken tv will be a blessing! love C x

Brenda Tilbury said...

So many beautiful images....thank you Jenny x

jenny said...

Thank you so much for commenting Carol and Brenda.x