Friday, 5 August 2016

New in the shop

Beautifully handmade dolls' clothes by Lindy Groom
Hanging from a line in Handmade Happiness. Lindy Groom's dolls' clothes
Pants, pyjamas, tops and dresses made by Lindy Groom
Solid oak lampbase by Peter Green £70 with Penny Seume shade £45
Oak lamp base £70 by Peter Green with Penny Seume lampshade £45. Penny's cushions in background. Hand painted plate by Roxana Giles.
Yesterday Lindy Groom came in with these beautifully made, fully washable dolls' clothes. She plans to give any money from them to charity. Three of the teddy bears Lindy makes are also for sale in the shop.

Peter Green has carved out oak timbers and logs to make these lamp bases which are also new to Handmade Happiness. All electrician approved, they look good with Penny Seume's collage linen lamp shades.

I want to give you, my blog readers a chance to buy things you see pictured here.So last night I had my first tutorial with a company that specialises in helping shops to get their products online. 

 Most of you live nowhere near Petersfield and it is impossible for you to visit. For example right now many reading this live in Russia, some of you live in America, others in Germany and some in Britain. It's fascinating for me to see who is reading the blog and a big 'Welcome' from me. I'll let you know as soon as the online shop goes 'live'.

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Brenda Tilbury said...

Jenny, what a brilliant idea! And I love the washing line of clothes....!xxxxx