Friday, 12 August 2016

Thoughts and colours

My hydrangeas are going over from bright pink to this more attractive bronzed pink
I  bought the painting behind from a charity shop for £10 this week
Mini craze for making Suffolk puffs/ yo yos this week. Simple necklace to wear with summer dresses.
I love the soft colours of these hydrangeas from the garden. And I enjoy selecting fabrics to make these simple necklaces with. Colour and design are so important in making something worthwhile.

How often have you seen something really well made and thought 'shame about the colours that don't look good together' or 'shame the fabric is synthetic or a harsh colour'... It's like puting a beautiful painting in the wrong frame. An awful lot of effort spoiled by the desire to economise... and turning something saleable into something unsaleable.

I notice colour when in those large, cheap clothing shops. The colours they use aren't flattering to women or children. Yes it's cheap but for the same price you can find something of good quality in a charity shop that will last as long and look good too. I'm talking about those harsh, cold colours of bright turquoise, blacky reds and fuschias, electric blues, strong bright yellows. Most people don't suit those colours so why are they chosen?

When selecting handmade items for Handmade Happiness I sometimes see items simply made for the purpose of making money for the maker. Of course this is one of the aims we have in selling our work but it is just as important to make what you love or what you would want to buy for your loved ones. To make with the heart as well as the head. When someone loves what they are making that shines through in the finished product, making it really special.


molebags said...

OOh Jenny you're so right about colours! x

Brenda Tilbury said...

So true as well about loving what you create xx