Sunday, 17 July 2016

Look at this!

Brenda Tilbury made this perfect card!
Close up of perfect card made by Brenda Tilbury
Pale pink tissue paper birds I've been making for Sophie's wedding
Close up of one of the wedding birds
Pretty lace bunting also made by Brenda Tilbury pictured against Pam Dew's beautiful quilt
I just had to share with you an example of Brenda Tilbury's latest cards. It reminds me of ancient illuminated manuscripts with gold and the rich, intense colour.
Meanwhile Sophie's wedding is looming and Brenda has kindly shown me how to make buttonholes for the men and bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids.

 My worry now is that the flowers on the tables - from mine and friends' gardens will look their absolute perfect best on the day after a long journey in the car. 

Over the two wedding days the shop will be closed but my lovely neighbour, Tara will help anyone who wants to look round or buy anything during that time.

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Thank you Jenny xx