Thursday, 23 June 2016


Experimenting with needlefelting different fabrics and wool together
For two days I've been needlefelting during quiet times in the shop. It's such fun to see what combines well and what doesn't. I love the orange golds with purple on the left above but don't like the wispy bits of silk waste which I'll pull out today. 

I've made lots of strips of needlefelting and think they may end up as long bags for specs/i-phone/passport, that sort of thing but the gold looks a bit evening-y so maybe some kind of evening pouch to be carried under the arm. What do you think? Any ideas welcome.

Today is voting day here in the UK. I've always known which way I'm going to vote. It seems obvious that if Britain wants to have any say in world affairs we've got to come from a place of strength and being part of a large body of countries - the EU - gives us more influence than we would have if we stand alone. So I'm IN. Whatever your views please use your vote otherwise the vote may not go the way you want it to.


Anonymous said...

Bravo Jenny

jenny said...

I turned the radio on at 4am this morning(Friday) and learned that it was impossible for us to remain in the EU. What a shame. Interesting that London, Oxford, Bristol and Scotland wanted to remain but we were outvoted. Just got to try to look at the future positively but right now feel saddened.