Saturday, 18 June 2016

In the shop now...

In the window of Handmade Happiness now. Details below.
In the window at Handmade Happiness now. Details below.
Lindsey Agostinelli's charming mohair teddy bears. £60 each.
Carol Smith's bird brooches. £6.50 each.
New pottery made by Jeremy Moore. In the shop now.
In the top picture the boxes contain:

Carol's bird brooches as above, Kate Hackett's new jug £18; bracelets by Jenny Stacy £9.50 each; 
Sue Inglis' sheep £6.50; Samantha Robertson's coaster tile £5; bird brooch £18.50 by Bee Mellor and Jenny Stacy;
Justine Jenner's dimple jug £19.50; teddy by Lindsey Agostinelli £60;  Kate Box's wrist warmers £25;
Kate Hackett's chicken £8; mug by Samantha Robertson £16.00; teddy keyring by Lindsey Agostinelli £15.

In the second picture are:

You deserve a medal by Jenny Stacy £9.50 each; cat keyrings £7.95 each by Sue Inglis; three heart decorations £3 each by Kate Hackett; 
Elizabeth Eveleigh's beeswax hive candle £4.50 and teddy keyring £15 by Lindsey Agostinelli;  dimple jug by Justine Jenner £19.50; little fairy £9.50 by Jenny Stacy;
two decorated mugs made by Kate Hackett £16 each either side of a star card £1.95 by Sue Inglis.

This week Jeremy Moore bought in his latest work. A range of celadon and white glazed mugs and jugs. Prices £16 for mugs and £18 for jugs.

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