Thursday, 9 June 2016

Pots and beads

Niloo's beautiful pots on Katrin Eagle's woven scarves
Bead bracelets 9.50 each by Jenny Stacy
C lose up of pretty bead bracelets by Jenny Stacy
Some while ago my little daughters bought a bag of beads each when we visited Brighton Bead Shop. They tired of stringing them together quicker than I did. I loved experimenting with different colours and textures to make a pleasing piece of jewellery.

I graduated to making my own beads and painting wooden beads in a bid to make my jewellery really individual. Eventually I incorporated fabrics as well - velvet, cotton and hand-made felt. I sold these one-off pieces to shops and through the Country Living magazine show. I'd like to go back to making some 'statement' necklaces now. I seem to have got caught up in other things lately.

For example tomorrow I'm interviewing Justine Jenner, whose wonderful mugs, jugs, bowls and cups and saucers sell in Handmade Happiness. Hopefully the article will appear in the next issue of Life in Petersfield.

New in Handmade Happiness today are three mohair bears made by Lindsey Agostinelli. Lindsey has also started making tiny, articulated bears attached to keyrings. The stitches are tiny, as you can to come. 


Kate Box said...

I used to love visiting The Bead Shop in Covent Garden. I remember buying a very small bag of assorted beads and it costing a fortune! I think it would be lovely if you made some more statement necklaces. I'm looking forward to reading the article about Justine Jenner. K X X

jenny said...

Thanks Kate. I like visiting that bead shop too but the one in Brighton is much cheaper! I sent off the article about Justine yesterday, I hope you enjoy it. X