Sunday, 24 April 2016

Medals made by Jenny Stacy

A medal for you?
A box for a medal by Jenny Stacy sold
Handmade medal by Jenny 9.50sold
Smaller medals for special people sold(right)
For patience, caring and kindness. Lots of people deserve medals.sold
Colourful medal with my favourite green mother of pearl button. 9.50
Another medal with bits from my stash including painted silk.
 Over the years I've collected a lot of pretty bits, too nice to throw away.Making medals is a good way to put some of these things to good use.

I first made medals two or three years ago and I've been meaning to make some more. I am making 20 more (some are half made) to sell in the shop and, as before, I hope that women will award them to a friend who is having a hard time or give themselves a medal and a pat on the back. 

Women don't often get awarded a medal for gallantry on the field of battle but they are heroes in a different way. So why not give yourself or someone you admire a medal to say,'Well done.' 


molebags said...

LOVE them!

With Added Discretion said...

Jenny I LOVE those medals! It's my daughter's birthday on 3rd May and she needs one - I'd like the box with you deserve a medal too. I won't be able to get down before then though - is there any chance we can do it through the post? And, I'm having lunch with Pauline Sims tomorow - now known as Paulina Slater. Don't think I've seen her since 1972!!! Anna xx

With Added Discretion said...

ps my current email is xxx

jenny said...

Thanks Carol.x
Hi Anna. I'll send you one in the post. Which one would you like? I'll email you now. Jenny xxx ps. Say Hello to Pauline from me.