Friday, 1 April 2016

Liberty inspiration in Handmade Happiness

Liberty corner in Handmade Happiness
100 Liberty cup cake cases for £6 and gold scallop tape for £4 in Handmade Happiness
Pretty paper bags with stickers £8 for 10 next to two of Sue Inglis' sheep £6-50 each 
Gold glitter stickers £5 for 10 sheets, another Liberty bag and Niloo's beautiful porcelain and wood creation £39
Meri Meri's congratulations banner in gold glitter £9 now available in the shop 
10 sheets of Liberty alphabet stickers for £7.50 and pretty crown party hats - 8 for 10.75
 When I was in Liberty I was impressed with a display of new products created by Meri Meri using Liberty prints. I asked if Handmade Happiness could be a stockist for these products and, as you can see, the answer is 'yes'.

The designs I have chosen for the shop are mostly about packaging. My idea is that all the lovely handmade gifts deserve very special gift wrapping and one of these bags, perhaps with gold glitter initials of the person it's for on it would look lovely. The gold scallop tape makes a tissue paper wrapped gift extra special and would be useful in card making, decorating an envelope or embellishing a gift bag.

I already bought the 'congratulations' gold glitter banner for my daughter's wedding and it would look good on so many occasions - passing a driving test or exams, a wedding anniversary or birthday, or a job promotion. I can see it being used and re-used by any family.

I gave the cup cake papers to other daughter who loves baking but they too can be used creatively in collage or to make paper flowers with, even as skirts for paper dolls...

Come in and check out the range of products I've bought for the shop and I hope you'll be as impressed as I was when I saw them in Liberty in London.

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