Monday, 18 April 2016

A Birthday Post

Knitted bunting by Sue Inglis and fuschia pink tissue flowers
Kate Box's patchwork tea cosy
Peonies from my garden last May
Pretty fabrics for making clothes for babies
 Yesterday I celebrated a birthday with my family, including new baby Ruby and her adorable bigger baby sister. We all met up in Tring where my youngest has just moved to.

 Tring, near Berkhamsted, boasts the most incredible 'Zoological Museum.' It is full of stuffed animals in glass cases. You walk through tigers, bears and lions, even a polar bear and a rhinoceros all preserved. The owner of a team of zebra even used to harness them to pull his carriage- what a sight that must have been. I look forward to visiting this amazing collection again. What a resource it is for writers needing to describe animals or insects close up.

It reminded me of a quaint museum at Arundel which used to house stuffed cats, rabbits and squirrels all dressed up re-enacting nursery rhymes and songs like 'Who killed cock robin?' Does anyone else remember it? It must have closed down 20 or more years ago.

Looking back over the past year I pulled out a few pictures I like. I feel very lucky to have my shop, Handmade Happiness, which approaches its 5th birthday and to have wonderful friends and family that mean so much to me. I hope that as you read this you also feel happy and blessed!


molebags said...

Glad you had a lovely birthday, Jenny. I remember the museum in Arundel, too!

jenny said...

Thanks Carol. Can you remember what the museum was called? x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jenny xx
It was called Potter's Museum. I remember when it was housed in Bramber, near Steyning. A penny in the slot animated the Who Killed Cock Robin Tableau. At Bramber there was a stuffed double headed lamb which was a bit weird.
Glad you had a lovely family celebration.
Christine (Pulborough)

jenny said...

Well remembered Christine! I can Google it now to be reminded of the kittens' wedding!x

Brenda Tilbury said...

Happy belated birthday Jenny xx I too remember the museum at Bramber, then Arundel. It was a fascinating place....I wonder what happened to the exhibits? Looking forward to seeing you soon xxx