Wednesday, 23 March 2016

In the shop window

Easter at Handmade Happiness
Handmade Happiness - street view
Close up of gifts on the right. See below for details
On the left of the Handmade Happiness window. See details below.
Spring sunshine this week and the seeds I planted are waving tiny little leaves delicately in the warmth.

Inside the Handmade Happiness window this week are cushions by Tanya Williamson £48; a spotty big bowl by Niloo  and a soft wrap scarf £99 by Kate Box.

In the box unit on the left, pictured immediately above, are:

Kate Hackett's chicken mug £15; flower jug £18 and ceramic duck, chicken and bunny Easter decorations, all £3; wrist warmers by Kate Box £25 and an 'Eat more Cake' fork engraved by Kirstie Turner for £9.50.

The sheep are knitted by Sue Inglis, £6.50 each; and the mug with blue inside is £20 by Samantha Robertson. 

The white non-symetrical bowl is by Justine Jenner £16 and cashmere baby bonnet £19.50 and, below, one of Sheila Barrow's embroidered pictures is £24.

In the box unit on the right are:
Sue Inglis' bunny with carrot £6.95; bunny box £3.50; chick £5.95 and sheep keyring £7.95.

Kate Hackett has made the little bunny decorations £2 each; stand up bunny and chicken £8 each and bunny mug £15. Elizabeth Eveleigh has made the beeswax candles, £4.50 each.

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