Friday, 4 March 2016

Mothers' Day gifts

Tanya Williamson's applique cushions £48 each and big doll by Jenny Stacy £48
Gifts for under £10 at Handmade Happiness
Pictured above are: 
Cat keyrings by Sue Inglis for £7.95; Heart gift box £3.50 and two heart necklaces for £2.50 each by Jenny Stacy; 3 painted ceramic heart decorations £3 each by Kate Hackett.

In the middle are butterfly brooches £8.50 and £9.50 by Jenny Stacy; pure beeswax candles for £4.50 each by Elizabeth Eveleigh and two mini collage cards with envelopes also by Jenny at £2 each.

Three painted gift boxes by Sue Inglis for £3.50 each; a stand up cockerel and bunny £8 each by Kate Hackett and dog and cat brooches £9.50 each by Karen Boller.
Gifts for Mum at Handmade Happiness
In this picture are:
Teddy bear by Lindsey Agostinelli £60; chicken mug by Kate Hackett £15 and (just seen) jewellery purse embroidered by Carol Smith £22.50.

Green ceramic bowl by Samantha Robertson £12; necklace by Jenny Stacy £25 and stripe wrist warmers by Kate Box £25.

Embroidered picture by Sheila Barrow £24.50; 'Eat more cake' fork by Kirstie Turner £9.50 and white ceramic bowl by Justine Jenner £16.

Silk, velvet and felt bird brooch by Bee Mellor and Jenny Stacy £20; bluebell mug by Kate Hackett £16 and striped snood by Kate Box £28.

Yesterday I changed the window. I like the idea that children could spend some pocket money on a present for their Mum... there's lots in the shop for under £5 and even more things for under £10.  I'm reminded of all the times at craft fairs that a child has come up with a few hot pennies in their hand, asking what can they buy for their money!

Lots of us don't buy our Mums a present. We just send a nice card. Today I'll photograph a choice of cards available in the shop priced from £2 to £7 and show you tomorrow.

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