Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Creative ideas

Outside Handmade Happiness today with 'blossom' dancing on white painted twigs.
Strips of fabric wrapped round wire with ends left decorative at Liberty
Pretty print crown by Meri Meri at Liberty
 The best ideas are often quite simple. Using wool pom-poms to look like fluffy blossom; wrapping fabric round cord or wire to create jewellery or a lampshade or gluing card/paper/fabric together to make a simple but effective crown. 

A lot can be achieved with things we already own - egg boxes could be painted and cut to become flowers, crepe paper could be made into tassels,and fabrics could be cut to make patchwork or shapes for applique or just decorated with simple embroidery.

With Easter coming bigger pom-poms get sewn together to become chicks or bunnies;yarn can be crocheted or knitted into simple shapes to cover eggs. Real eggs can be dyed or painted or just drawn on with felt tips. 

It's fun to do these things with children or your friends.
Handmade Happiness is full of creative ideas. Often people come in and are just wowed by the talent of the various makers. So whether you come to admire or come to buy,you are always welcome! 

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