Sunday, 27 March 2016

Justine Jenner's work

Justine Jenner's dimpled spring jugs
Justine Jenner's dimpled grey jugs. £29 each.
HAPPY EASTER everyone!

Yesterday Justine Jenner brought in some of her popular dimpled jugs. This time they are rounder than previous ones, and although Handmade Happiness usually stocks her white and grey pieces these spring colour jugs are also irresistible.

I intend to write about Justine for a future issue of Life in Petersfield. Local readers may have seen the current issue's piece about Kate Box, whose lovely knitted pieces are so popular. An interview with Justine is planned for the July issue.

The Liberty stickers were bought recently in London. I put a box of them in a carrier bag in the window to weigh it down and of course, forgot they were in there when giving a customer that bag for her purchases! 

I do love pretty little things like these stickers. Watch this space! Very soon I will be selling a small range of things to enhance your handmade items. They are ordered and now I am looking forward to displaying them in the shop! 


Brenda Tilbury said...

Happy Easter to you too Jenny! See you this week I hope X

jenny said...

Hi Brenda. Look forward to seeing you at the shop. Please note the shop will be closed on Thursday. x