Sunday, 21 February 2016

Flowers for weddings

I can hardly believe this double hollyhock grew in my garden but it did...
Peonies in the front garden. They bloom in May 
Iris and roses from the garden- lovely for May/ June
My youngest is getting married on July 31st and I would love to grow flowers for her wedding. This is a big leap as I totally neglected my garden last year and it is bare save for rose bushes, a hydrangea, two peonies, iris and lavender. But in March seeds could be planted... 

I've written a list of possibles and I'd love to know what you think. What would you recommend? What is easiest to grow in your experience?

Sophie wants predominately pale pink flowers for table decorations. She
 has also asked me to make some giant peonies from crepe paper  (which I will enjoy doing in quiet moments in the shop.)

So, thanks to Brenda, who I showed the list to I have whittled it down to these possibles:
Antirhinums (snapdragons). There was a shop in Paris that grew giant ones that looked so impressive but I'm thinking of short ones in pinks and whites.

Anenomes (poppies) I've saved seeds from previous years. Trouble is they don't like being in water so would have to be picked at the v. last minute.

Baby's breath - white, useful.

Cornflowers. There are pink ones and white ones...

Cosmos. Brenda recommends. I've not sure what it looks like. Small daisies?

Herbs like variagated mint and rosemary and lemon balm.


Lavender -white and pink

Nigella (love in a mist) again I think comes in pink and white as well as blue.

Phlox,Ranunculi,Roses, Stocks and Sweet peas. This is taking up too much space! Isn't it nice to think of flowers blooming in our gardens soon when the weather outside is so grey and wet!


With Added Discretion said...

I was going to say sweet peas. Anna x

Melanie Ferguson said...

The flowers sound lovely. If you scold the bottom 2 inches of the poppies in boiling water for 30 seconds, as soon as you've picked them, they will last for a couple of days

jenny said...

Thanks Anna and Melanie. I love both sweet peas and poppies and I'll try the boiling water trick this year.