Sunday, 28 February 2016

Spring blossom in the shop

Spring  blossom branch made by Brenda Tilbury suspended in the shop window.
Brenda Tilbury's branch from outside the shop
New orange rose wreath by Brenda Tilbury
Please forgive the quality of these photos. Brenda's blossom branch looks stunning in real life but the windows are reflective and you'd be forgiven for thinking I was showing you how attractive the buildings opposite are... Also, note to self, do not take photos at dusk. Much better to take them at midday.

Spring feels like it's edging nearer and I hope that you, like me, feel energised and renewed. This morning I'm visiting the garden centre for flower seeds with wedding flowers in mind. This is a great time of year - enjoy your Sunday!


molebags said...

enjoyed our garden centre outing! C x

Brenda Tilbury said...

Like little stars!