Friday, 29 January 2016

Samantha Robertson's ceramics

Samantha Robertson's beautiful bowls and coaster tiles in Handmade Happiness
Samantha teaches pottery and somehow she finds time to also make her own decorated bowls, coasters and night lights. The small bowls are £12, larger bowls £18 and coasters £5. Great gifts.

This week Kate Box has been in with a new navy knitted wrap and more of her popular wrist warmers. Sue Inglis has made new Valentine cards and Justine Jenner re-stocked with more of her white cups and saucers and dimpled jugs. Then yesterday Tanya Williamson brought in lots more of her wildlife cushions. So Handmade Happiness is filling up again after the usual empty look it gets after all the Christmas selling.

Quite a few new visitors are coming in after seeing the feature on Handmade Happiness in the local free magazine Life in Petersfield. Look out for more features on local makers in the months ahead.

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