Wednesday, 20 January 2016

New in Handmade Happiness

Doll and mushrooms designed and made by Jill Haines. Doll £38.50; mushrooms £7.50 each.
Cat by Jill Haines. £14.50
Mushrooms in spring colours made by Jill Haines. £7.50 each.
 Jill Haines' things are beautifully made and a welcome addition to the gifts offered in Handmade Happiness.

 Samantha Robertson just brought in more of her popular tile coasters and decorated ceramic bowls and Brenda Tilbury has made the most amazing large rose decorated heart shaped wreath for the window. Brenda also made the big green heart that she attached to the flag pole outside the shop and some dried rose heart decorations also for Valentine's Day.

I got to work decorating heart shaped boxes today and tomorrow I'll work on Valentine's cards...

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