Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Celebrating 7 years of Blogging!

Happy mannequins seen on a market stall in Amsterdam
 Yes, my first blog post was written on September 22nd 2008. 

I like to look back and this week will share some of those first pictures and words with you. A recurrent theme is my desire for a shop of my own and this finally happened in 2011.

I often showed pictures of clothes and accessories at Tricot Too, a shop I made for and worked at. It's closing gave me the necessary push to start my own shop.

I enjoy writing my blog, especially the more thoughtful posts. I'll write more than usual this week. Thank you to everyone that's stuck with me and read from the very beginning and welcome to new readers to the blog that became a shop!


Amy Foyle said...

Happy 7 years blogging! Well done Mum! Xx

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Keep on blogging! Tim x

molebags said...

congratulations! And your shop has led to a great new friendship.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Amy, Tim and Carol. x