Monday, 28 September 2015

Looking back to the start of 2010

I loved painting these little faces on wood buttons and brooches. Brooches by Jenny Stacy
Cats in cardigans anyone? Another Jenny Stacy product  not made any more.
Felt decorations I made for Tricot Too Christmas 2009
Inside Liberty - note the donkey
Drying orange and apple rings in the kitchen
Grey layers in Tricot Too with a Jenny Stacy necklace
For Valentine's Day 2010 I made collage cards like this
I like the rich colours in this one. Card by Jenny Stacy
I really wanted this pretty top in Tricot Too. It also came with pink roses.
This blog should have been called the Tricot Too blog in 2009-2010 - so many pictures of their clothes and bits I'd made for that shop. 

I loved working there and lusted after many of the clothes. I couldn't afford anything but now I wish I had a few souvenirs of that time. I could have gone without food for a bit and bought this oh so pretty long knitwear roses top. Great over jeans. Couldn't I?

This was the first Christmas I didn't do the Country Living show in a long time. I still visited but that made me sad. I'd got off the wheel and I never got back on again.

Looking back (to celebrate 7 years of blogging) reminds me of what sells and what doesn't. I doubt I'll ever paint a face brooch again but I quite fancy doing a few cats in Liberty fabrics! 


Anna said...

Hi Jen, I haven't checked in with your blog for a while, due to hectic happenings here, so I'm really pleased to see you're still doing well. I haven't given up hope of visiting the shop one day and even more, of coming to a free knitting workshop if you still do them. I'm stopping smoking on Thursday ('Stoptober') and looking for something to keep my hands busy. I googled free knitting but only found free knitting patterns. All the best, Anna (Mills) xxx

jenny said...

Hi Anna, Google Jenny Dowde. She's written a book on 'free knitting'.
I don't do those in the shop workshops any more. Workshops are on Thursday nights (most Thursdays) in a bigger room in the town.Good luck with stopping smoking. You can do it! Hope to see you here one day. All the best.X