Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Amsterdam, the garden and collage

For my birthday the kids bought me a trip to Amsterdam
I fell into this shop (it was down a step) startled by the upside down penguins on the ceiling!
Double poppies in the garden. Seeds bought to Petersfield from my last home. Love them!
A collage card I use on my business cards
Materials for making on the kitchen table
From the garden. Photo by Jenny Stacy
Making collage cards for Tricot Too as well as the usual jewellery.
 This is the year my children bought me a trip to Amsterdam for my birthday. It was brilliant. Three days of wandering the streets, taking it all in. Amy, my middle child, came with me and that made it all the more special!

I was a bit garden obsessed then. Growing food as well as flowers. Sadly, since the shop opened I rarely do any gardening. Plenty of pictures of flowers though in my collages which were also selling in Tricot.

I did lots of small craft shows/ exhibitions but my mind was increasingly fixed on a shop. The blog was full of the pros and cons of having a shop of my own, especially since I now knew that Tricot Too was closing down and I would need to search for another job.

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